RAW PALEO Diet , Pros and Cons of Feeding Your Dog or Cat


The RAW PALEO Diet is a natural and healthy diet that has been practice for thousands of years. It is a way of feeding your pet a diet that closely resembles what they would eat in the wild. RAW PALEO. And this is the first thing you should know about is the food you give it to them. And, in the case of dogs, how well do you know this? If you do not have a big dog, there is still a lot of information for you!

The fact that your pet loves you, does not mean that you should spoil him. Dogs love to eat, like all species. But unlike humans, animals cannot say please and thank you. So, we have to make sure that our pets are given what they need, and not what they want. In other words, to stop spoiling them. Most dog owners overfeed their pets and do not give them what they need for good health and proper development. So, let’s see what we have actually grown up with.


Vet Expert RAW PALEO is a super-premium food rich in fresh meat

The diet of our ancestors was rich in fresh meat and raw fresh fruits. PALEO is design to nourish the body and mind, give you a great sense of strength and promote health and well-being. With Vet Expert RAW PALEO, our goal was simple: to create the best food in the world for dogs and cats. That’s why we created a food that’s rich in fresh meat and minimally processed—so your pet can get the nutrition they crave. The result is a premium natural food that features animal proteins that are free of antibiotics and hormones—just like what nature intended. And best of all, it includes no grains, so it may help reduce the risk of allergies. It also comes in a raw format—the only one of its kind on the market—which means it’s as close as you can get to feed your pet the way nature intended.

Why is a raw diet good for your pets?

There are many benefits that a raw diet can offer dogs, cats, and other pets. The main reason for feeding raw is to help your pet achieve optimal health. Not only does a raw diet help with weight loss, it can also help promote healthy skin and coat, stronger bones, and reduced allergies.

There are many reasons why a raw diet is good for your pets. Pets that eat a raw diet have more energy, better digestion, and healthier skin and coats.

The third core value is Integrity: We do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Integrity starts with being honest with ourselves. It means admitting our mistakes, taking ownership, and learning from them. We think about the long-term implications of our decisions and how they will impact others. We make sure our actions are consistent with our values and beliefs.

Integrity doesn’t mean always following the rules. Sometimes doing what’s right requires breaking the rules. But we do so thoughtfully and only after careful consideration

The benefits of a raw diet for dogs and cats

 compassion: We put people and animals first. From the way we source our ingredients to how we treat our employees, we are constantly working to reduce suffering in the world. We refuse to compromise on quality, ethics, or sustainability. Compassion doesn’t mean weakness. It means that we have the courage to do what’s right, even when it’s hard. We believe in the power of a raw diet for dogs and cats. A raw diet is based on the natural diet of dogs and cats. It includes whole, unprocessed foods that provide all the nutrients your pet needs to thrive. Pets on a raw diet are healthy and have energy, shiny coats, bright eyes, healthy skin, and strong immune systems.

How Vet Expert RAW PALEO is made

Foundation: The foundation of RAW PALEO is the way it is prepare. Dr. Graham uses several methods to prepare the food, including dehydration and freeze-drying. This is important because it removes all water from the meat, creating a food that is more shelf-stable than regular raw diet foods.

Key Ingredients: The main ingredients in RAW PALEO are organ meat, bone, and vegetables – all of which are nutrient-dense. There is nothing but the best nutrition in our pet food, so you know that you are giving your dog or cat the best.Organ meats are known to provide a great source of vitamins and minerals, and bones provide high levels of calcium and phosphorous.

Vet, Expert RAW PALEO is a unique and delicious blend of fresh, organic, and wild-caught meats, fruits, and vegetables.

RAW PALEO’s ingredients

RAW PALEO’s ingredients have been chosen specifically to aid in your pet’s digestion and provide them with the protein they need to help maintain a healthy

What makes RAW PALEO the ideal meal for your furry friend?

Each serving of Vet Expert’s RAW PALEO diet contains 71% meat, organs, and bones sourced from free-range animals. The remaining ingredients in this balance formula are fruits and vegetables that have been carefully select to give your pet all the vitamins and minerals they need to thrive on a natural diet.

Because Vet Expert doesn’t add any chemicals or additives, each formula is safe for your pet from their first bite to their last.

We obsess over making the very best products and experiences for our customers. From the way we source ingredients to the care we take in every step of production, we are maniacal about creating a product that is not just healthy and delicious but also exceeds customer expectations. We let nothing stand in the way of delivering on this promise, from dealing with complex regulations to overcome manufacturing challenges. Quality isn’t something you can cut corners on. It takes genuine commitment across an organization to uphold high standards day in and day out. We never compromise on quality because we know that our customers rely on us to be their most trusted source of information and

Just to clear up any confusion, the RAW PALEO diet is a raw foods-base diet, where natural plant and animal foods are eat in the most natural form possible. We also use some of the highest quality supplements on the marke

The table below highlights the most common RAW PALEO ingredients and their sources.

The RAW PALEO diet does not contain any: Grains, Dairy Products, Eggs, Legumes/Nuts, Carbs (Unless naturally occurring in a fruit/vegetable) Processed oil, Seeds, or Sugar.

Although the ingredients in the table above are most common in the RAW PALEO diet, this list will vary based on geographical location and seasonal availability of produce. Some people have allergies to certain foods and will not be able to consume certain foods even though they are label as RAW PALEO. The RAW PALEO diet is a very individual dietary approach.

Well, basically organic and natural ingredients are used as ingredients in making such meals as ratatouille, pies, cookies, and more. Here is a list of some of the ingredients:

The list of ingredients in RAW PALEO is long, but we have tried to provide the more common ingredients below.

common ingredients list

– Dates

– Coconut flour

– Organic coconut oil

– Cacao powder

– Almond flour

– Vanilla

– Ginger powder

– Cinnamon powder

– Stevia extract

– Gelatin powder

– Himalayan salt

This is just a shortlist of the basic ingredients that are used in making the meals.


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When was your company founded?

We started our company in 2012.

Where are you located?

Our main warehouse is located in Miami, FL and we have a warehouse in LA that serves customers on the west coast.

What is RAW PALEO?

RAW PALEO is a plant-based supplement line that includes meal replacements and protein powders. They are 100% Natural, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, and Grain Free. PALEO stands for Paleolithic – the way our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic era (Hunter-Gatherers).

Why should I choose PALEO?

You shouldn’t choose it because it’s cool or trendy… You should choose it because it’s good for you. When eating PALEO you will lose weight, have more energy, feel great and look better than ever before without any effort. It has no hormones, antibiotics, food coloring or added sugar — only the nutrients our body needs to be healthy and strong.


There’s no question about it, today’s American lifestyle is killing us. What once was a fit nation is struggling with the effects of high sugar and processed foods.

Now, this travesty can be laid squarely at the feet of the “big food” industry, whose the focus is not on what’s right for YOU and your family, but on profit margins and advertising dollars. It’s time to take our health back!

In contrast to these profit-driven corporations, we are dedicated to providing you with healthy food options that are easy to prepare and taste great. We believe that food should be nourishing and healing and not an instrument of disease.

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